Where do I send my visual particulars after my 30 minute consultation with Modivize upon my initial signup for graphic, ad, or logo services?

Some clients may wish to send along some samples or ideas they would like Modivize to work off of. Such sample ideas include aid for: #

  • Colour schemes (can send colour swatches)

  • Images 

  • Graphics 

Can I incorporate images from the internet in my design? #

  • No, clients cannot request to use copyrighted material in their designs. This includes images from websites not owned by the client, search engine image results, social media images or graphics, or branded content by any business, organization or entity. 

Can I provide Modivize with images from the internet to get an idea of what I’m looking for in my design? #

  • Yes, clients can send Modivize copyrighted or branded content that may help Modivize to gain a full picture of what the client is in search of for their design.