What will I need to give Modivize to complete my Social Media Maintenance & Ad Campaign Package for one month?

1. In addition to the monthly fee for this package, we would require the amount for your ad spend budget (between $200 – $1,000 for one month) per your social media account(s) of choice. Simply let us know which social media accounts you wish for Modivize to administer ads from.

2. Username / email and password to log into your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts.

If you do not have a specific account, Modivize will make an account for you. In essence of this, Modivize will require your email username or password to create each account, or we can make an email specifically made for these purposes.

Note: We ask for this information and do not ask to become an ‘administrator’ of an account due to social media billing purposes. It is important that your information for your billing on your social media account is invoiced under your name (and not Modivize or a Modivize team member).

3. Your website address along with your username and password used to access your website

4. Photos you may wish to use for your pages and ads. If you do not have photos for your business purposes, we can use photos from our libraries that will be appropriate for your brand.

5. YouTube video links to your YouTube content – if you have a YouTube account with content on it. You cannot re-upload other YouTube users’ content as your own.

6. Information list pertaining to your target audience. If you do not have this information, Modivize will find your target audience for you via our analytics methods for your business type.