What will I need to give Modivize to complete my blog article?

Any important information that will need to be reviewed for your blog such as: #

  • How many words? 500, 1000, or 1500+?

  • Any photos you wish to have posted (you must own the copyright). If you do not have photos, Modivize will use appropriate supporting photos from our database when necessary.

  • Any videos from your YouTube account?

  • Helpful, supporting information from websites if available

  • Hyperlinks you would like to include

  • Proposed title 

  • Who is involved?

  • What will the blog be about?

  • Where is the story happening? Give the business or company name, town, city, state, province, website, etc)

  • Why is the instance happening?

  • When will the instance be happening?

Your website and social media login credentials (used to post and optimize your blog on your website, then we optimize your blog for social media and post it to your specified account): #

  • WordPress website login url 

  • Username 

  • Password

  • Facebook username and password (if Simple Blog Article package)

  • Facebook + Twitter username and password (if Medium Blog Article package)

  • Facebook + Twitter + LinkedIn username and password (if Custom Blog Article package)