What is Social Media Maintenance & Ad Campaigns?

Social Media Maintenance is a process where a business’s social media pages are optimized with premium content by a professional digital marketing team such as Modivize. 

When a business has a Social Media business page, the business should have Ad Campaigns conducted per their social media accounts to ensure their professional ads are marketed properly to their specific targeted audience. These ads first have to be designed to fit a proper criteria for both sizing, design and psychological effect, then they are launched per platform of choice (see below) where each platform requires a specific ad account (one ad account does not cover them all).

Mainly, businesses should have most (or an assortment defined for their business) of the following pages while having them properly maintained: 

  • Facebook / Instagram + Ad Account 

  • Twitter + Ad Account 

  • YouTube + Ad Account (administered via Google)

  • LinkedIn + Ad Account 

  • Pinterest + Ad Account