What is a blog article? Why are blog articles important for my website and business?

A blog article is a professionally written article or news story that can range between 500-2,000 plus words of written content. A blog article is written for your business, which is then published to your business website under a ‘Blog,’ ‘News,’ or ‘What’s New’ section. 

Blog articles usually (and should) contain the following: #

  • Optimized content for S.E.O. (when optimized properly by a professional)

  • Catchy content that educates and informs your readers

  • Appropriate article title

  • Article main cover photo 

  • Supporting article photos 

  • Supporting facts and quotes from appropriate unbiased, ethical sources

  • Backlinks to content on your website 

  • High quality backlinks to other appropriate websites 

  • Upsell and support your services or products 

Blog articles are important for businesses who want to achieve a higher ranking in search engines over time, but also get their brand noticed more online via social media users which can translate into customers and clients. 

Blog articles help to achieve the following: #

  • Reach a larger audience online who will talk about your business via shares on social media

  • New, fresh website content to keep readers and views coming back

  • Your readers learn about your business and what you have to offer 

  • Can help to update your patrons and public about upcoming events, services, deals, sales

  • Can help you to sell more products, tickets, services, etc.

  • When over 1,500+ words and optimized correctly, a blog article helps to boost your websites S.E.O. 

  • Readers, viewers and subscribers will spend more time on your website reviewing your content, which will hopefully correlate into a sale or sign up for your services