Once my website and pages are optimized, am I finished with S.E.O.?

S.E.O. is a process that needs to be maintained over time if you want to show up in top searches in search engines. In short, a business is never finished with S.E.O., though a business needs to be set up properly in order for it to work correctly in the first place, then maintain it correctly.

This process takes time where your business will take time to generate in search engines upon completing your S.E.O. package of choice.

While your business will be viewable on different search engine listings such as Google, Bing, and Yandex (depending on the S.E.O. service you choose), other competitors will show up over your business if your S.E.O. content isn’t maintained properly. To help remedy this you should be adding new content to your website (such as blog articles) at least once a week or several times a month. 

Whenever you add new content to your website, your new content should also be optimized for S.E.O. purposes. Modivize has an optional monthly retainer package for this where we optimize new content on your page for $300 a month for up to 5 pages or articles of new information.