I want to have drone video in my commercial. Are there any restrictions for my area or particulars?

Yes, in some cases there are restrictions where we can operate a drone to conduct drone footage for your commercial. When conducting initial consultation with a client Modivize will go over the needed credentials to verify if drone operations are possible for your location. 

The following points must be covered:

  • Drones must be operated away from bystanders at a minimum horizontal distance of 30 metres

  • Drones must be operated away from emergency operations and advertised events

  • Drones can only be operated outside of restricted access aerodrome areas

  • Drones can be operated 5.6km (3 nautical miles) away from airports

  • Drone can be operated 1.9km (1 nautical mile) away from heliports

  • Drones must only be operated outside of controlled airspace

  • Drones can only be operated inside a private property area with the written allowance of the owner or land leaseholder 

  • Drones cannot be operated in such a manner that disturb or distress wildlife

  • Drones cannot be operated outside of the line of sight 

  • Drones cannot conduct flight above 122 meters (400 feet) in air

  • Drones cannot be operated near forest fires, outdoor concerts or parades 

  • Drones cannot be operated near other drones, aircraft or helicopters 

Fore more information, please visit the following link from the Government of Canada entitled ‘Flying your drone safely and legally.’

In the event a client wishes to have drone work completed for their commercial that goes against Government of Canada drone safety regulations, Modivize must decline drone work for the restricted areas. In this case the client should come up with alternative flight routes.