How long do I have to make revisions to my graphic, ad, or logo design when Modivize sends me a revision of my chosen file? What types of changes can I request?

Client provided revision feedback: #

The client has 3 business days to provide revision feedback for their chosen design which they were to state whether or not they require revisions made to it. These revisions are ‘simple’ revisions (small text, colour or graphic changes – cannot be a complete overhaul resulting in a brand new graphic). 

If client does not respond to revision provisions: #

If the client does not get back to Modivize within the 3 day period, the client will be considered to have deemed their design as complete and the design process will then stop.

As a result, the client will be sent their files in full size in JPEG, PNG, and/or SVG format. SVG files are for Graphic and Logo designs only and are not supplied for ad designs. 

Design files are in .psd (Photoshop) format or .svg (Illustrator) format. In order to edit the file you will require an up-to-date version of Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator.