How does Modivize properly maintain social media accounts?

Now that you know the main types of professional business social media pages and ad accounts you can have, let’s focus on the types of content and posts that should be made, all the while maintaining an audience:

  • Targeted ad campaigns per social media platforms of choice

  • Linking social media pages together for ad-spreads where possible 

  • Changing logos and cover photos when appropriate

  • Changing and optimizing about information 

  • Changing and optimizing contact information when appropriate 

  • Corresponding with viewers comments, requests and messages 

  • Inviting viewers to like, share and follow your content 

  • Ensure all content is searchable in the right places per account by using hashtags, sharing to appropriate groups, and giving attribution to affiliations 

  • Generated Blog Links (must be optimized for S.E.O. – not just a copied link)

  • Generated Page Links (must be optimized for S.E.O. – not just a copied link)

  • Videos and proper descriptions 

  • Photos and proper descriptions 

  • Graphic designed ads and proper descriptions 

  • Contests (like and share)

  • Properly written descriptions and hashtags for all posts