How am I billed for a Business and/or Marketing Plan?

Payment Coming from Client: #

When you purchase your Business Plan, Marketing Plan (or both), you will be billed automatically for 60% of the service up front. Upon completion of the Business and/or Marketing Plan, the client will pay the next 40%. 

Upon requesting a Business and/or Marketing Plan service, the client will be required to sign and date an official contract stating what will be delivered, consultation periods, expectancies of the client, and final deliverables. In tandem with the contract, the client will also be required to sign a privacy declaration.

Payment Covered by Funding Organization (and sometimes partially by client): #

In some cases a client will acquire funding for their business and/or marketing plan via a funding source at a business organization such as CBDC, BDC, ACOA, Futurepreneur, Ulnooweg (indigenous business funding), etc.

When such a funding initiative is covered by a business organization for the client, the client will be asked to provide a certified document from the business funding organization or agency stating that the client has been accepted for Business Plan and/or Marketing Plan funding. This letter must state how the funding organization wishes to correspond with the client/Modivize along with appropriate payment measures and expectancies.

The client is expected to follow through with all directives set out by both the business funding organization/agency, and Modivize at all times. The client must also agree to correspond with Modivize of any requests the business funding organization/agency may have. In this case the client must immediately send Modivize the new requests from the funding organization/agency to

At no time is a client permitted to write their own letter on behalf of a business funding organization stating the business organizations funding particulars. This measure is set in place to protect Modivize from client fraud. Acceptance letters must be authentic without any information blocked, blacked out, omitted, deconstructed, misrepresented, or missing. 

In essence of this, Modivize will require the client to sign a declaration and contract agreement stating they understand the following:

  • Privacy agreement

  • What services are being provided to the client 

  • Pricing for the business and/or marketing plan

  • When and how payments will be made

  • When consultation periods will take place between the client and Modivize 

  • What the client will be required to send to Modivize after weekly consultations

  • How much time the client has to send their information and particulars to Modivize  

  • Revision period times, limitations and deadlines 

  • Final delivery of files and file format agreements