How am I billed for 15-20 Second Video (ground and done) Commercial Packages?

The billing process varies per video commercial package where many options are available depending on what you need. 

There are assortments of fees involved in separate video commercial packages such as the following:

15-20 Second Commercial (combine what is needed): #

  • Overall cost for 15-20 Second Commercial = $497.95

  • Initial consultation fees = $50 per half hour 

  • Hourly rates = $100 per hour when working on location 

  • Drone rates (optional) = $250 per hour when conducting drone work on location 

  • Per 20-seconds narration (optional) = $35 

  • Per 20-second script (optional) = $25

  • Music license fee (optional per license) = $35 

  • Commercial licencing for social media only = $50 

  • Commercial licencing for tv only = $250 

  • Commercial licencing for social media and tv = $300

  • Extra 2K quality (optional) = $35

  • Extra 4K quality (optional) = $45

  • Own the design file for 15-20 Second Commercial = please inquire for custom pricing 

Surcharges will apply to a 15-20 Second Commercial package only when a client wishes to have work done outside of the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia due to transportation and lodging. Lodging will be necessary if the client is 2 hours outside of the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  #

  • Travel time to location outside of city of Halifax = $45/hour x 2 workers 

  • Calculated fuel for company vehicle if outside of City of Halifax = Fuel price x km

  • Taxi / bus / boat / air (if needed) = Cost of tickets x 2 workers 

  • Hotel / motel lodging = Cost of lodging x 2 workers 

Some clients will wish to own the video (ground and / or drone) footage in essence of the end commercial product. In this case the client obtains the rights to use the footage for any future purpose they intend to use their footage for. In this case the unedited (RAW) video files can be provided at an extra cost to the client.  #

Where multiple hours of recording may be required per-location, RAW files are the largest file sizes and take up a lot of space on a harddrive. In these cases the client will be charged an additional fee for the required number of storage devices. All storage devices will be new external harddrives capable of holding RAW video formats and cannot be a flash drive or SD card. 

  • Overall 15-20 Second Commercial cost (surcharges not included) x 150% = ?

  • Samsung 1TB T5 Portable Solid State Drive (SSD) = Approx $249 USD + tax each

  • Samsung 2TB T5 Portable Solid State Drive (SSD) = Approx $129 USD + tax each