Does modivize offer a package to turn my published blog article into an advertised ad on social media?

1. The amount for your ad spend budget (between $200 – $1,000 for one month) per your social media account(s) of choice. Simply let us know which social media accounts you wish for Modivize to administer ads from.

2. Username / email and password to log into your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. This will depend on which accounts you want your ad posted to. We also require this information to maintain your ad throughout its 30 day campaign. After completion we send you your ad analytics.

If you do not have a specific account, Modivize will make an account for you. In essence of this, Modivize will require your email username or password to create each account, or we can make an email specifically made for these purposes.

Note: We ask for this information and do not ask to become an ‘administrator’ of an account due to social media billing purposes. It is important that your information for your billing on your social media account is invoiced under your name (and not Modivize or a Modivize team member).

3. Your website address (if not hosted with Modivize) + your logo (if not present on your website)

4. Photos and graphics you may wish to use for your ads. If you do not have photos or graphics for your business purposes, we can use photos and graphics from our libraries that will be appropriate for your brand.

5. Information list pertaining to your target audience. If you do not have this information, Modivize will find your target audience for you via our analytics methods for your business type.

What is a target audience?

A business’s target audience is a particular group of people who will be looking for your services. Your target audience is usually defined by the following:

  • Age 

  • Gender 

  • Location (Town, City, Region, Province, State, Country)

  • General interests (i.e. hockey, fine art, pizza)

Will Modivize send me an email with my new usernames, passwords, and account login credentials after completion of my 1-month Single Social Media & Google Ad Campaigns?  #

Yes, we provide our Single Social Media & Google Ad Campaigns package clients with an email that contains your usernames, passwords, account URL’s and business information for your access after we’ve completed the one month of contracted work.

If you are a returning monthly client, modivize will not have to re-send this same information on an on-going basis as you will already have this information. If you require this information to be re-sent to you at any time, please contact Modivize and we will send it to your account email on file. 

Will Modivize give me a document pertaining to my Ad Campaign Statistics after completion of my 1-month Single Social Media & Google Ad Campaign package? #

Yes, we provide our Single Social Media Maintaining & Google Ad Campaigns package clients with an ‘Account PDF Booklet’ that contains how your Social Media Ads have performed.

We do a report every week for one month pertaining all of your ad performance statistics, then compile the 4 ad reports into one document to send to you to show you your performance per week for the month of your campaign(s).

What are Single Social Media Ad Campaigns? #

When a business has a Social Media business page, the business should have Ad Campaigns conducted per their social media accounts to ensure their professional ads are marketed properly to their specific targeted audience. These ads first have to be designed to fit a proper criteria for both sizing, design and psychological effect.

Once the design is completed, the ad is then launched per platform of your choice (see below) where each platform requires a specific ad account (one ad account does not cover them all).

Mainly, businesses should have most (or an assortment defined for their business) of the following pages to launch ads from: 

  • Facebook / Instagram + Ad Account 

  • Twitter + Ad Account 

  • YouTube + Ad Account (administered via Google)

  • LinkedIn + Ad Account 

  • Pinterest + Ad Account