Does Modivize help with optimizing my new website content for S.E.O.?

Yes, this service is only available to clients who have purchased a Modivize Starter, Advanced or Professional S.E.O. package and have been notified of their 1-time setup completion.

Whenever you add new content to your website, your new content should also be optimized for S.E.O. purposes. We have an optional monthly retainer package for this where we optimize your new content on your website for $300 a month for up to 5 pages or articles.

Modivize’s ‘Optional Monthly Retainer’ S.E.O. packages run per-month, so that means a business can choose which months they wish to have their new content optimized. Many businesses wish to have their content optimized for S.E.O. per month on an ongoing basis. 

If you require optimization for more than 5 new pages per month, please contact us and we will make a custom monthly retainer package for your business.