Covid-19 Business Support

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May 10, 2021

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Covid-19 Business Support from Modivze Web Solutions:

25% off ALL services until July 7th, 2021 (pending end date)

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia – Modivize Web Solutions helps small to large businesses and organizations in both Canada and the United States with their website hosting, marketing and media needs. Due to Covid-19 restrictions and limitations put on businesses nationwide, Modivize Web Solutions have reduced all service pricing to 25% off until July 7th, 2021 (pending end date) to help businesses and operations get back on their feet.

While many businesses require both online and technical support, Modivize wishes for all business and organization owners and operatives in both Canadian provinces and American states to understand that we stand strong in supportive efforts during these difficult and trying times – especially those experiencing a third wave of Covid-19 activity, such as Nova Scotia – where Modivize’s headquarters is located.

As we cannot predict what the future will hold for many businesses while many individuals and businesses await government support, Modivize understands that such supports only go so far due to limited funds being dispersed.

We are going through great lengths to ensure the best possible support and services as always. In doing so, we want to ensure that we are here and present now more than ever. We are not only ‘hearing’ what businesses and organizations have been saying, but we’ve also been ‘listening’ as well where we’ve acted on proactive solutions to aid, support, and overcome these difficult times and hardships together as a strengthened network and team.

With the current reduction of pricing and rates to help businesses in their time of need, we wish to shed hope and a new light to a new day for all businesses and organizations who can now save several thousand dollars. In return these savings can go towards their own individual needed areas of impact for either their business or home life. We understand that when a business or organization is impacted, many dependents such as clients, customers, and families of business owners or consumers of organizations are heavily impacted as well. When we help to build an online presence and recognition for our clients we are bringing an average potential of 50 per-cent more clients to their business or organization to create either revenue or awareness. In any event, this serves to be a big game changer for any entity and consumer.

As a nation of thousands of communities that make the tapestry of our countries, we are entwined with one another where small ripples of support can create big waves of success and supporting capacity  as we work to develop and overcome these hardships together with new, viable solutions.

Please review the following list of services that are available for Covid-19 Business Support at this time by Modivize Web Solutions:

Web Hosting, Building & Maintaining:

*Save up to $608.04

Modivizes Web Hosting, Building and Maintaining packages provide free hosting. We focus on designing your dream website and take care of it for you on a monthly basis with updates and support.

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Search Engine Optimization:

*Save up to $1,436.91

Any business can have a website, though S.E.O. methodology is what helps to get your website out there to the right people who are searching for the services you offer. Without it you just have a website where people will find you by chance of them knowing your website domain.

Designed with a three-tier system, we’ve covered everything your business will need to get started with S.E.O. We’ve included everything your business will need whether you are a small business or large corporate looking to achieve online success. In addition to your one-time setup, Modivize also offers monthly retainers for each package where we optimize your new content every week.

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Social Media Maintenance & Marketing:

*Save up to $515.14

Any business can have a website, though in order to drive traffic to your website you should always have social media marketing and maintaining to optimize sales and business viewability.

Designed with a three-tier system, we’ve covered everything your business will need to get started. With our packages you will have more of an online presence all-the-while displaying content in a professional manner according to your branding an voice. While doing so we focus on attracting customers and clients to interact with your content to boost sales and interactions.

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Single Social Media & Google Ad Campaigns:

*Save $91.94

We make things easy for you where you can choose your ad for Facebook / Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goolge and YouTube!

First, we design your ad and find your target audience, then we launch it to get the word out to your audience! Ads run for one month in total where you let us know your ad spend budget. At the end of your ad cycle you receive 4 weekly reports showcasing how your ad performed along with its detailed analytics for your records and future campaign knowledge.

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Graphic, Ad & Logo Design:

*Save up to $143.75

No one wants to view a business who has the same logo as hundreds of other businesses from an automated online logo maker – that’s not branding and it’s not unique. You wouldn’t show up to an important business meeting wearing sweatpants, right? Everyone as a pair, but it’s not always appropriate. The look of your branding is essential to how people perceive it as their first point on contact. Modivize helps your business to make the best impression with modern designs that are both creative and memorable.

We also provide various mockups for each package and also provide revision periods for each. As an added bonus we also release the design files for a small fee if requested.

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Blog Content Writing & Publishing:

*Save up to $85.88 +

With every article we write, Modivize makes sure your content counts! First, we do our research and investigate what your article needs. Next, we incorporate facts and statistics backed by solid sources and strong backlinks to premium content on your website. We even conduct interviews for our clients to add voice to your article.

Every blog article is meant to convey ideas, innovations, provoke discussion, share thoughts, and help your viewers to learn more about your business, services, and professional community. We even add in photos and videos, too! If that’s not enough, we even post your article for you and optimize it for S.E.O.!

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Custom Video (and Drone) Commercials:

*Save up to $944.47 +

Not only do we capture amazing 4K video, but we also offer 4K drone footage that can be combined into your video. We also provide stunning visual effects, your own contracted music for your social media and television release, narration, and more! Do you have your own music, narrations or script? We’ll add it to your commercial for you!

Do you require the video, narration and production rights to your video? We also provide that as well for an extra price so you can do whatever you wish with your video after it has been completed!

No matter where your business is located, we can come to you and take care of all of your cinematography needs.

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Animated Commercials & Explainers:

*Save up to $412.47 +

Give your business a creative and professional edge that boasts creativity while helping you to retain more viewers. Modivize’s animated and explainer commercials help you to convey both easy and complex ideas, topics, and service information. We also provide scripts, narrations and music upon request while adhering to your branding.

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Business & Marketing Plans:

*Save up to $2,299.41

Modivize covers everything your business needs to get the best picture of where your business needs to go to achieve its ultimate success both offline and online. In many cases businesses will also need a business and marketing plan to acquire funding from funding agencies, or to gather interest from stakeholders.

Leaving no stone unturned, we also provide your business with its own unique marketing plan specified for your business type and audience in both Canada and the United States. Modivize is proud to say that no other business and marketing plan service puts this much accuracy and care into their work for clients.

Your new business plan will cover an incredible amount of detailed information in a perfectly executed and organized manner. Your plan is what will get your business started, launched, and properly maintained for the future. Bring your business dreams to life by choosing the right plan for your business. Need help acquiring funding for your business plan? Some organizations cover 75% of the cost! Inquire with us today!

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